Biagio is an artist that produces all original work.  Mostly freehand some freeform.  "Freeform" is a term Biagio likes to use to describe art that flows freely from the brain to the hand with no plan or intention.  

Rob Talo

Rob Talo, has studied visual art since the age of 5. He is a versatile original artist with interest in both Fine Art and Illustration . For Talo, Tattoo is a way to combine these sensibilities in a way that is unique and complementary to the form of the individual being tattooed. His style is often highly detailed with a sense of stylized realism and is based on a consultation with the client. Talo, has no preference when it comes to subject matter but rather would prefer for each work of art to be exciting and new while also reflecting a classical and timeless sense of design. For appointments please contact Biagio's Tattoo Gallery @ (973) 620-9944. For a consultation stop by the gallery @ 3138 Route 10 West, Denville, NJ 07834. There is no appointment needed for a consultation. Talo is always available to talk while he is working.

Samuel Molano

Samuel, es un artista empirico, que comenzo sus primeros trazos a muy temprana edad y ahora tiene una buena percepcion del detalle.  Para samuel, tatuar no es solo arte. Es soņar, es vivir en cada movimiento de la maquina, es plasmar una historia.

Samuel, is an empirical artist, who began his first traces at a very young age and now has a good perception of detail. For samuel, tattooing is not just art. It is sound, it is to live in every movement of the machine, it is to capture a story.


A place where all forms of art can be displayed and viewed by everyone

Biagio's Tattoo Gallery's mission is to open the world to the creative side of the human mind. All of the art on the walls display creativity through experimentation, skill and intellect. The showcased artists will always have these attributes.

Hours of Operation

Rotating schedule of 5 days open, 3 days closed. 1pm - 9pm

Location / Contact Info

3138 State Route 10 West, Suite 1

Denville, NJ 07834


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Schedule of Artists

  • Biagio -  Nov 1st + 6th - 9th + 11th + 14th  - 17th 1pm - 9pm (Rotating 4 Days On - 4 Days Off)
  • Leilani - By Appointment Only
  • Rob Talo - Nov 1st - 2nd + 6th - 10th + 14th - 18th 1pm - 9pm (Rotating 5 Days On - 3 Days Off)
  • Sam - Nov 1st - 2nd + 6th - 10th +14th - 18th 1pm - 9pm (Rotating 5 Days On - 3 Days Off)


Art Scholarship Fund

Here at Biagio's Tattoo Gallery we believe in the benefits of an artists education. We understand the value of knowledge & creative expansion and how it can benefit individual lives as well as entire communities. Because of such, we offer the Leilagio Art Scholarship to a prospective art student at William Paterson University. Funds are gathered from painting auctions, donations and tattooing during exhibit opening days. If you are interested in donating to our scholarship, please email us.


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